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Canadian Special Events Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake. When Quality Matters........Experience makes the differnece.
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Special Events Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake



Timothy Drake has provided quality,professional entertainment to London Ontario audiences at corporate and private event for over 15 years.

Magician Timothy Drake presents a diverse blend of original magical effects in his illusion shows which are designed to amaze, astound, make you to laugh but most of all ..... entertain you.


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Shrinking Girl Illusion.
Bending Glass in Volunteers own hand. Floating Table Illusion Levitation Corporate Banquet Entertainment Magic with the CEO Volunteers having a laugh! Magically Appearing CEO
Drakes Shirt Illusion Audience Volunteer taking a bow! Talking to audience members Levitating objects Audience Amazement Laughing Audience Floating an audience member Vegas Style Grand Illusion
Large Scale Illusion A case of the giggle with a volunteer. Fun with a CEO Entertainment for a Corporate Event City Tv Live Performance Some comedy mixed with the magic. Impossible trick with a balloon. Magicians assistant reappears.

Magician Timothy Drake performs across the Southwestern Ontario region including London, Toronto, Windsor, Sarnia, Kitchener, Guelph and more.

Magician Timothy Drake Magic Consultant to the Case of Presitge A Journey of Illusions
Offiical Website Call Toll Free from Newmarket 1 866 544 9286
Corporate Magician in Ontario, Canada performing at corporate and special events across Southwestern Ontario including Toronto and the GTA.